In the morning you’ll visit a company and gain some insight of what they do. Have a look below to gain a sense of the companies who will open their doors for you!

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Bio clear earth

Nature’s capabilities to improve groundwater quality: water corridors!

Bioclear earth’s pay-off “Creating with the power of Nature” is very well applicable on our latest concept: Water corridors. Engineered corridors, placed at strategic spots in the area, where the soil- water-system is designed and “equipped” with natural processes. Green processes consisting of microbial communities in the subsurface soil and groundwater, combined with functional plants, schrubs and trees. The aim: improving groundwater and surface quality in an effective way in areas of hunderds to thousands of hectares. In our densily populated country and especially our intensifly used argicultural areas, a big challenge is to meet the European Groundwater Directive for nutrients and pecticides. Land is scarce and various societal challenges have to be met: climate mitigation, secure water quality, sustainable agriculture.

During your visit at our company on the 17th of May we will work together, based on your background and support, on a real water corridors case in the North-East region:

  • How can we implement such a corridor from a planning point of view, what does it take?

  • How can we get the support of the various stake holders involved and whom are the stakeholders to be involved?

  • How about financing a water corridor from a societal and cooperation-based point of view?

  • How can we share cost and gain benefits, shared in a honest way to stake holders?

Hope to see and discuss with you this challenging case!

This company visit will entirely be in English!


During the company visit, we will introduce you to Geon. Who is Geon? What is our working field? In which themes do we operate (water, environmental law, mobility and more)?

Additionally, we will discuss our current activities, such as the energy transition project. After our story, we are curious about your responses and ideas for the future. You can find more information about Geon and our projects via

We are looking forward to meeting you!


We are KAW. Designers, researchers and advisors with a vision for people and society. With a vision for you. We create opportunities to make our living environment ready for the future.

Living, working, growing and blossoming. Everything has its space. Our playing field is the space in houses, neighborhoods, regions and provinces. We believe in spatial solutions that contribute to happiness in life. We investigate societal phenomena and create visions for the future combined with matching strategies. In doing so we support special working processes. Whether you are an inhabitant, the government, a developer or a constructor: We will guide you in making your own decisions.

That’s the reason why we work every day in places which give us in return positive energy. Spaces which match your needs & desires. Spaces to live. With our scope on the bigger picture and having both our feet grounded, we’ll strive for a smarter and more sustainable way of living. By making the difference. To keep renewing. And to start a change. Create together with us the future. Long live the space!


Procap is the most strategic and tactical project management and advice bureau in the Netherlands. We stand for the resilience of the Netherlands and that’s why we work on topics such as smart mobility, urban change, energy and climate adaptation. Whenever a project strands, our project managers and advisors will be there to make it work. Together with our clients we turn ambitions into measurable progress and specific results. 

We are proud of the projects and clients we have! It is great to make the Netherlands - and more specific Groningen - a little bit better and more resilient. We hope to see you at our company visit!

This company visit will entirely be in Dutch!

provincie groningen

The province’s main responsibility is to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the province of Groningen. The province makes and implements policies on a variety of matters: from health care to the economy, from culture to county planning. The province works together with other organisations such as the municipalities, bureaus and businesses. The three main tasks of the province are:

  • to grant authorisations

  • to provide funding means

  • to make policy

The Environment Act (Omgevingswet) will enter into force on 1 January 2021. The Environment Act requires governments to work better together and to engage the public in development and implementation of projects (public participation). During your visit you will be working on a case related to a infra structure development:

  • How can we get the support of the various stake holders involved?

  • Levels of participation

  • How to work better together? Public and Private sectors

royal haskoningdhv

Royal HaskoningDHV is an international, non-listed engineering and consultancy firm. It has offices in 30 countries, employing almost 6,000 professionals worldwide. In the Groningen office, 120 colleagues work in the fields of water management, industry, buildings, infrastructure, transportation and urban development. Currently, 30 alumni of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences work at Royal HaskoningDHV.

 We are happy to welcome you to our office in Groningen during the Career Day 2019 edition! During your visit you will get a glimpse of our daily business and some of the  projects we are working on. During your visit you will also be working on a case related to a development in society that is currently ‘booming’ in The Netherlands and which is highly interesting for both planners and geographers!

 We are pleased to welcome you at our office!

This company visit will entirely be in English!

more details to come soon