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The text underneath explains what the company visits and workshops of different companies entail. You can read the description and choose your preferences for the company visit and both workshop rounds. You can fill in your preferences in the form underneath the descriptions! We will see you there!

Company visits:

BioClear Earth

*This company visit will be in English!

Nature’s capabilities to improve groundwater quality: water corridors!

Bioclear earth’s pay-off “Creating with the power of Nature” is very well applicable on our latest concept: Water corridors. Engineered corridors, placed at strategic spots in the area, where the soil-water-system is designed and “equipped” with natural processes. Green processes consisting of microbial communities in the subsurface soil and groundwater, combined with functional plants, schrubs and trees. The aim: improving groundwater and surface quality in an effective way in areas of hundreds to thousands of hectares.In our densely populated country and  especially our intensify used agricultural areas, a big challenge is to meet the European Groundwater Directive for nutrients and pesticides. Land is scarce and various societal challenges have to be met: climate mitigation, secure water quality, sustainable agriculture.During your visit at our company on the 17th of May we will work together, based on your background and support, on a real water corridors case in the North-East region:

  • How can we implement such a corridor from a planning point of view, what does it take?

  • How can we get the support of the various stake holders involved and whom are the stake holders to be involved?

  • How about financing a water corridor from a societal and cooperation-based point of view?

  • How can we share cost and gain benefits, shared in  a honest way to stake holders?

Hope to see and discuss with you this challenging case!


*This company visit will be in Dutch!

During the company visit, we will introduce you to Geon. Who is Geon? What is our working field? In which themes do we operate (water, environmental law, mobility and more)?

Additionally, we will discuss our current activities, such as the energy transition project. After our story, we are curious about your responses and ideas for the future. You can find more information about Geon and our projects via

We are looking forward to meeting you!


*This company visit will be in Dutch!

We are KAW. Designers, researchers and advisors with a vision for people and society. With a vision for you. We create opportunities to make our living environment ready for the future.

Living, working, growing and blossoming. Everything has its space. Our playing field is the space in houses, neighborhoods, regions and provinces. We believe in spatial solutions that contribute to happiness in life. We investigate societal phenomena and create visions for the future combined with matching strategies. In doing so we support special working processes. Whether you are an inhabitant, the government, a developer or a constructor: We will guide you in making your own decisions.

That’s the reason why we work every day in places which give us in return positive energy. Spaces which match your needs & desires. Spaces to live. With our scope on the bigger picture and having both our feet grounded, we’ll strive for a smarter and more sustainable way of living. By making the difference. To keep renewing. And to start a change. Create together with us the future. Long live the space!


*This company visit will be in Dutch!

Procap is the most strategic and tactical project management and advice bureau in the Netherlands. We stand for the resilience of the Netherlands and that’s why we work on topics such as smart mobility, urban change, energy and climate adaptation. Whenever a project strands, our project managers and advisors will be there to make it work. Together with our clients we turn ambitions into measurable progress and specific results. We are proud of the projects and clients we have! It is great to make the Netherlands - and more specific Groningen - a little bit better and more resilient. We hope to see you at our company visit!

Provincie Groningen

*This company visit will be in Dutch!

The province’s main responsibility is to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the province of Groningen. The province makes and implements policies on a variety of matters: from health care to the economy, from culture to county planning. The province works together with other organisations such as the municipalities, bureaus and businesses. The three main tasks of the province are:

  • to grant authorisations

  • to provide funding means

  • to make policy

The Environment Act (Omgevingswet) will enter into force on 1 January 2021. The Environment Act requires governments to work better together and to engage the public in development and implementation of projects (public participation). During your visit you will be working on a case related to a infrastructure development:

  • How can we get the support of the various stakeholders involved?

  • Levels of participation

  • How to work better together? (Public and Private sectors)

Royal Haskoning DHV

*This company visit will be in English!

Royal HaskoningDHV is an international, non-listed engineering and consultancy firm. It has offices in 30 countries, employing almost 6,000 professionals worldwide. In the Groningen office, 120 colleagues work in the fields of water management, industry, buildings, infrastructure, transportation and urban development. Currently, 30 alumni of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences work at Royal HaskoningDHV.

We are happy to welcome you to our office in Groningen during the Career Day 2019 edition! During your visit you will get a glimpse of our daily business and some of the projects we are working on. During your visit you will also be working on a case related to a development in society that is currently ‘booming’ in The Netherlands and which is highly interesting for both planners and geographers!

We are pleased to welcome you at our office!


antea group

*This workshop will be in Dutch!

Antea Group is an internationally active engineering and consultancy company. Facilitating no less than 3.500 employees and multiple establishments in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America, we operate on a global scale. Antea Group proudly commits to the responsibility of deploying her knowledge for a sustainable future. To do so, our technical expertise and a pragmatic approach are strategically combined with our multidisciplinary knowledge. Antea Group preaches the motto “Create Your Own World”. Therefore, employees are invited to further develop their talent, knowledge, and skills in an area of their own interest. We create the best circumstances for our employees to stimulate innovation in our business.

As Antea Group is a knowledge-based organisation, the involvement of our employees is valued and sharing information is strongly encouraged. As a result, we are drawn to (young) talent! In particular, for the young employees, the board of JOIN (Young Antea Group) offers a variety of events to connect with other young professionals in different settings. Are you interested in experiencing Antea Group’s dynamic work environment and the way in which we approach a complex case with multiple stakeholders? How can you develop a concept with the input of other businesses? Join our workshop! The workshop handles a real-life case and challenges you to develop the winning plan. Of course, we have a price for the winning team!


*This workshop will be in Dutch! To follow this workshop, it’s important to bring your own laptop, please don’t forget this.

Jumpstart your spatial analytics using Insights

The ever-increasing availability of high quality (geometric and semantic) open data sources enables new ways of exploring information sources to find answers to specific questions. For example, in the Living Atlas of Esri and its partners, there are now 500+ Dutch standard content services readily available for direct use. In this workshop, you will tackle a real-world challenge and use Insights for ArcGIS to visualize open data using maps, charts and tables and apply advanced spatial analysis with simple drag-and-drop. When you have created the perfect workflow using Insights, you can share your workflow and use the information to make better decisions in your projects.


*This workshop will be in English! To follow this workshop, it’s important to bring your own laptop, please don’t forget this.

GeodanMaps is an online Geo Platform. It provides several location based API’s as well as a generic viewer in which the API’s of GeodanMaps are being disclosed via a user friendly interface. Furthermore GeodanMaps offers the possibility to host your own data and host an application that you have built on your own.

This workshop offers you an excellent way of getting to know GeodanMaps. At the end of this workshop you will be a master at uploading data, displaying that data into a self made viewer configuration and combining different datasets to solve a location based puzzle using our spatial API’s.


*This workshop will be in Dutch!

New projects can be as beautiful and desirable, however they will not be undertaken without a positive financial result. To make sure a project is financially feasible, there are many options to pick from and hard choices to make. But which options are the right ones? And what will you choose? Less parking spots or less green in the area? Or are you going to build higher up in the air which will lead to a loss of quality? Everything is possible, however: you need to be aware of the wishes and expectations of the new residents, the developer and the local government! During this workshop we will discover how we can find agreement between the wishes interests of these three stakeholders. We are curious what you will choose!


*This workshop will be in Dutch!

Follow your passion (water or soils) and empower your qualities! That’s what is at stake in the Nationaal Water- en Bodemtraineeship. The 2-year program gives you a kick-start in the workfield! You start your first job that fits your interests while you follow trainings and coaching focused on personal development and leadership. On top of that the traineeship includes 4 periods with interdisciplinary projects in which you work with fellow trainees on water- and soils related issues.

The Nationaal Water- en Bodemtraineeship is all about crossing your (personal) borders and discover the many opportunities of the workfield.

Come to our workshop and develop yourself to be fit for the working field! Be prepared for a perfect start of your career. Let’s start!


*This workshop will be Dutch!

Hoe ziet de wijk van de toekomst eruit? Wat voor woningen zijn daarvoor nodig? Hoe gaan we om met duurzaamheid en klimaatadaptatie? Heeft iedere woning een parkeerplaats nodig? En wat betekent dit voor het financiële plaatje van het plan? Zomaar een aantal vragen waar Over Morgen zich constant mee bezig houdt bij het werken aan duurzame gebiedsontwikkelingen. Daarbij combineren we urgente opgaven zoals energietransitie en het versnellen van woningbouwproductie. Project- en procesmanagement wordt op zijn beurt vervlochten met data-analyse en financiële sturing.

Gerard van Dijken (projectleider) en Thomas van Oosten (gebiedseconoom) werken samen aan een gebiedsontwikkeling van ruim 1500 woningen in Geldermalsen: De Plantage. Wij nemen jullie mee in het verhaal achter deze grootschalige gebiedsontwikkeling en zijn benieuwd naar jullie ideeën en input. Deze nieuwbouwwijk wordt voltooid in 2030; maar hoe ziet de ideale wijk van de toekomst eruit?

Over Morgen combines urgent cases, such as the energy transition ,together with speeding up the production of houses. Project- and process management are so being intertwined with the analysis of data and financial guidance.

Gerard van Dijken (Project Manager) and Thomas van Oosten (area economist) work together on the development of an area ready for 1500 houses in the town of Geldermalsen: De Plantage. We guide you through the story behind this massive development and are curious to hear about your ideas and input. This new residential area will be ready in 2030; but how does the ideal residential area look like in the future?


*This workshop will be in English!

Infrastructural tender game

In this workshop participants will experience different aspects of the tender process in complex infrastructural projects in the Netherlands. The goal is to learn about different phases in the process and the challenges they offer and to deliver a consistent and fitting bid within the timeframe given by the contractor.

Various subjects, like risk analysis and stakeholder management, that students will know from their courses at the faculty of spatial sciences will be combined in this workshop. These subjects, including the tender process itself, are also at the heart of the work done by PACER. So, if you’re interested in making a contribution to the development of complex infrastructural projects and are able to perform under pressure, please join us in this workshop!

pas bv

*This workshop will be in Dutch!

During this workshop we’ll work, in the setting of an atelier focused on calculating and drawing, on the redevelopment of a former shipyard in Amsterdam, which went bankrupt in 1985 and has a lot of potential due to the current housing crisis in Amsterdam. We’ll have a look whether we can make this redevelopment financially feasible through using both a mixed real-estate program and a proper spatial plan. The products of this atelier will be a feasibility analysis and a program sketch. This workshop will provide you with a representative image of the workfield in a short period of time.


*This workshop will be in Dutch!

*This will be the same workshop as last year!

Stadkwadraat advises on land and real estate development. In our workshop you compete in teams to formulate the best development strategy for an existing location. Financial, physical and political aspects form the basis of integral area development. Based on available information you will make decisions between spatial quality, future-proofing, finances and support. It is up to you to find an optimal balance and to present a feasible plan. As a team, you bring forward the right arguments during the process to justify your choices.

The workshop consists of three rounds in which you first assemble the project organization, then choose a development scenario and select the building program as the third. Afterwards you have a better understanding of the playing field in which Stadkwadraat as a financial advisor in spatial development must work and the way in which spatial development takes place.


*This workshop will be in Dutch!

*This will be the same workshop as last year!

In this workshop, you will experience the practical side of the field of work. How do you find the connection with the market, while at the same time keeping your strength as a company? Strukton functions as the actor through which contractors and clients meet and interact.

In civic-technical projects, the contractor sets up the conditions in which the clients can operate. Several disciplines are involved in such a trajectory: the soft side and the hard side. You can think about the budget, planning, the analysis of the surrounding area and the communication. Collaboration with the client is crucial to gain the right information for the operation of the project and to achieve the goals of the project (such as delivery within time, quality and the budget). In the case of big, integral projects, this is a very complex process for which it is essential to make clear agreements, listen to each other and respect each other.

But is this sufficient? In this workshop, you will scan the interaction within this process with the use of examples from the field of work. During this workshop, you will get a good picture of the projects in which Strukton is involved and you will understand the added value of your own education in this process. You will be participating in a (fictional) tender process.

Student labs

*This workshop will be in Dutch!

STUDENT-labs is a unique cooperation between students in Spatial Sciences, clients and RIO Projects B.V.. As a student, you will work for clients in realizing projects, under the supervision of RIO Projects B.V.. Next to this, we offer masterclasses and we make sure that you as a student will have optimal guidance and coaching during the execution of your work and tasks.

RIO Projects B.V. is a network-company that focusses on developing neighborhoods and regions. For the city of Groningen we have been responsible for drawing up the plans for neighborhood-energy and developing the ‘EnergieCooperatie’ (GresCo). RIO has a long history in the field of developing housing and housing development projects, as well as in making these more sustainable. In an interactive masterclass, we will take you with us in everything that is involved in setting up these projects and what the future of the field will bring!

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